Research Information

This is an excellent research article that is available online.

Porphyria in Switzerland, 15 years experience. By Xiaoye Schneider-Yin, Juergen Harms, and Elisabeth I. Minder.  In: Swiss Medical Weekly April 2009; vol. 139 (issue 13–14), pgs. 198–206.

This report is aimed towards medical professionals but is very well-written and and accessible for all audiences. It provides basic background, symptoms to look out for, diagnostic methods, the latest on genetics and more. A very good article.

Keeping up with latest research

If you are interested in reading the latest research reports on porphyria, try PubMed – a searchable library database of nearly all medical research published worldwide. PubMed is sponsored by the USA National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, and they have an excellent online tutorial ('Quick Tours') to get you started.